About Kathi

All through high school I dieted — the hot dog diet, the cabbage diet, the fast-for-24-hours diet. I wasn’t grossly overweight, but I wasn’t happy in my own skin either. I went on to college to study nursing and pretty much maintained my weight, but once I graduated, I started to exercise and discovered if I worked out I could eat more but my weight stayed the same.

This went on for years until after I was done having children. By then I was exercising 15 hours a week, but I still felt that I was too heavy, that I didn’t look as fit as I should. So I went back to dieting. I soon lost 20 pounds and people began asking me if I had cancer. I was thin, but I wasn’t healthy. I was eating a low calorie, nutrient deficient diet. I had no energy and was prone to mood swings. I was also still not happy with myself.

From the outside, there seemed to be no reason for this unhappiness. I had a wonderful marriage and three beautiful, healthy children but here I was almost 40 years old and miserable. I did some soul searching and confronted a painful experience from my childhood. This confrontation enabled me to realize I deserved to have whatever makes me happy in life. For me that was a healthy body and work I was passionate about.

It was about this time I was returning to work after staying home to raise my children. I didn’t want to return to nursing. I had always been interested in nutrition and wellness. I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and discovered how eating healthy food and taking care of yourself can transform you. Not just how you look and feel but how you view yourself and the world around you.

Today I’m at my ideal weight and find it easy to maintain because I eat healthy foods that I enjoy while managing my stress and exercising. I have energy to enjoy my life and I look forward to the future. I’m finally happy in my own skin.

I work with people who want the same thing. I teach them how they can feel the same way by sharing what I’ve learned through my education and my own journey. I can help you too.

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