Are you at your ideal weight?

Have you been there and then 6 months later you find the weight has started creeping back on?

There’s an enormous amount of information out there about how to lose weight but not about how to stay there. Everyone wants a quick, easy answer, a pill, a meal, a bar.

My approach is different. It involves a personal plan and support that will enable you to get to your ideal weight and the tools you need to stay there.

Doesn’t everyone want a life of health and happiness? The two are connected just as the lifestyle choices you make everyday are connected to how you feel.

If you don’t address your feelings around why you eat what you eat, most of the changes you’ve been able to make will be temporary because eventually you end up reaching for your comfort foods. Changing poor lifestyle habits is crucial to getting to your ideal weight but your plan has to involve understanding your feelings around food.

I have an approach that works. It involves answering these 4 important questions.

  1. What healthy delicious foods do you love to eat? If you don’t like them you won’t eat them. You’ll learn strategies on how to get more of them into your diet. As these foods are added in, the other foods that aren’t serving you will fade away and so will the extra pounds.
  2. What sabotages you, what’s keeping you stuck? Why is it you know what you need to do but you don’t do it? Exploring the answers to this question is key to making long lasting change.
  3. What kinds of exercise can you commit to making a part of your everyday life? Exercise is always part of the plan it helps boost metabolism, elevate your mood and most important manage your stress.
  4. How do you handle stress? You’ll learn strategies to deal with your stress and what to do when you fall off track.


Who are my clients?

My clients are people who have been struggling with getting to and staying at their ideal weight. They’ve tried many diets with some success but always find themselves regaining the weight. They are sick and tired of the Yo Yo diet cycle. They want to find out what works and end it for good.

How am I different from other nutrition professionals?

I believe in a holistic approach to getting to your ideal weight and being able to stay there. This involves addressing the reasons and feelings behind the choices you make and learning what healthy lifestyle choices you can maintain throughout your lifetime. The difference is the plan that we develop together and the support that I provide. I truly care about all my clients and want the best for them.

Will I really lose weight?

Together we’ll create a personalized plan that will focus on the goals that you want to achieve during your program. At the end of each session we’ll decide on 2 or 3 recommendations that you’ll go home and put into practice. Your success in losing weight or accomplishing any of the other goals you have depends on how consistent you are in following through with the recommendations.

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